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Don't you love it when you get an unexpected email or letter from a friend? You might have a pile of work emails or bills to pay, but you'll open that personal message before you roll up your sleeves and get serious.

Which brings me in a long-winded way to this contact form.

This isn't a one-way relationship. I want to know about you. Coffee, tea, or cocoa? Chicken, steak, or vegetarian/vegan? Dr. Who or Star Trek? Cat, dog, or orangutan? What's your favorite kind of cookie? And what do you LOVE to read? I've got a million and three stories in my head, and I want to thrill you, frighten you, make you snort seltzer out your nose. Help the little voices in my head crawl to the page and dance for you. (And, I will never ever cross-my-heart, hope-to-die, NEVER sell your contact information to anyone.)

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I write books for both adults and young people, so if you're interested in only one or the other genre, please let me know. (This is not required.)