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(Ages 10-14) A parallel universe, a pirate ship, a talking bird, and one seriously eccentric captain. After a laboratory mishap, inventor-in-training Angus Clark finds himself aboard the Fearsome Flea. The pirate crew mistakes the middle schooler for his alter ego, a dirty, rude cannon boy. Clever Angus must face a sea battle and a nasty mutineer, and walk the plank.

Will the scientific Angus survive life on the leaky Fearsome Flea? Why is Maniacal Marge out to get him? Will Angus ever return to his own world? And can Mrs. Clark endure the mischievous pirate who now lives under her roof? Helped by a sassy, body jumping macaw and a fastidious, cookie-baking pirate captain, Angus uses his ingenuity and trusty screwdriver to set the worlds right.

The Pirate’s Booty begins the story of Angus Clark, a middle schooler striving to be an inventor. While working on his latest invention, Angus accidentally transports himself to a parallel universe where pirates still terrorize the waters. Along the way, he discovers that his most loyal friend may very well be the annoying girl in his math class.



(Ages 10-14) A parallel universe, a crystal cave, a talking mastodon, and one tough granny. The World Jumper has misfired and inventor-in-training Angus Clark finds himself in a primitive, snowy village with no running water, no electricity, and enormous animals that haven’t roamed the earth for thousands of years. Together with the fearless Ivy Calloway, Angus must battle a prehistoric monster, rescue his little sister, and live in a tiny cottage full of ornery women.

Will Angus survive the most colossal dung heap he’s ever seen? Can Ivy overcome a huge flea infestation? Will Angus ever find his invention? And what will become of the tranquil Clark household when a fierce hunter moves in?

The Crystal Lair is the second novel in the Inventor-in-Training series. Angus and Ivy have survived the pirates and now come face-to-face with prehistoric animals, harsh blizzard conditions, and the worst chores any child has ever endured. Along the way, Angus discovers that he’d do anything to protect his irritating little sister.



(Ages 10-14) A parallel universe, a hidden laboratory, a talking cockroach, and one bug-eyed mother. On a quest to find his lost friend Ivy Calloway, inventor-in-training Angus Clark travels to a gray polymer world of cyborgs, technology, and mosquito swarms. Joining forces with a robotic cat and a six-legged Billy Roberts, Angus must break Ivy out of quarantine, develop an antidote, and clean up after his worst alter ever.

Will Angus escape the biohazard police? Will Ivy survive a visit to the vet? Do mothers really have eyes in the back of their heads? And why is Mr. Clark insisting on family therapy?

Cyborgia is the third novel in the Inventor-in-Training series. Angus’s alter egos are ruining his life. He’s flunking science, his mom is talking to cats, and false rumors are trashing his reputation. As if that weren’t bad enough, Ivy has disappeared. On his most bizarre trip yet, Angus learns that horrible mistakes can often lead to tremendous discoveries.