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Danelle has been writing, in one form or another, since the age of seven. She's written novels, short stories, poetry, and one-act plays as well as business ad copy, marketing materials, technical collateral, user guides, and newspaper feature stories.


... the longer story

I'm a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, and niece. I'm blessed with marvelous, supportive friends. These relationships influence my stories as they do my life. My travels have taken me throughout Europe and Central America. The adventures I've had and people I've encountered along the way find their way into my writing. I've worked hard, earned several degrees, and have held diverse and interesting jobs in which I've worked for diverse and interesting people. You'll find traces of all these experiences in the novels I write. That's true for most writers.

As I've grown older, much about me--and my writing--has changed. Matured. Slowed down. Become less impulsive. However, five characteristics remain as ever they were.

1. I am a tomboy. My mother made me wear dresses to school every day until I reached middle school. I hated them--they slowed me down. My knees were always scraped from falling during a rousing game of kickball or tag during recess. I climbed trees, collected bugs in jars, and loved a good snowball fight. (No shortage of snow in Lockport, New York, where I grew up.) Guess what? I still hate dresses; they make me feel uncomfortable and formal. And though I no longer play kickball, I'm a fierce competitor at every game I play. I'm still intrigued by insects, but I rarely bring them home.

2. I am crafty. Art was my favorite subject throughout elementary and middle school, and I dabbled a bit during my college years. I was always painting, building things out of clay, or sewing. I still enjoy working with my hands: knitting sweaters and socks, weaving rugs and scarves, and making stained glass windows and lamps.

3. I am an animal lover. Growing up, my family always had a dog. I hatched eggs in my mother's kitchen, nursed nearly drowned field mice back to health, and captured snakes and lizards. I've volunteered as a wildlife rehabilitator, working with oiled seabirds, orphaned raccoons, and injured eagles. My husband, son, and I live with two cats.

4. I am a storyteller. I wrote my first book, Animals and What They Do, with my sister when I was seven. In elementary school, I turned each week's spelling list into a story to entertain my classmates. I spent two summers at a young writer's camp at the University of Connecticut. Throughout high school and college, I wrote short stories, poetry, and one-act plays. I can lose myself for hours when I'm writing, and I often do. Since having forgotten to retrieve my son from school once when he was younger, I now set timers.

5. I am a cookie monster. My mother baked constantly and remains the best cookie baker I know. During my childhood, she made twenty varieties of Christmas cookie, and I loved them all. From chocolate chips to peanut butter crisscrosses, from molasses to gingersnaps to blonde and chocolate brownies, from thumbprints to Mexican weddings to pizzelles and biscotti--you would be hard-pressed to find a cookie I don't love. There is nothing like a freshly baked cookie still warm from the oven. The crunchy ones are perfect dunked into a warm cup of tea. The gooey chocolate ones leave their sweetness on your lips.

That's some of my story. But I have others I want to share with you, about characters far more interesting than me.

All my best,

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